Aim: To develop skills of designing and developing content based teaching learning resources applying the principles of educational technology for enhancing classroom effectiveness.

Every teacher has to prepare & present the curriculum based content in the classroom on everyday basis. Effectiveness of classroom teaching could be enhanced by using different teaching methods, varied experiences to the students by using different media mix. The advancement in the field of information and communication technology as well as computer technology has facilitated the teacher easy, fast & creative use as well as development of instructional material. Such technological advancement has also opened up various avenues for the users for learning online through various internet based resources, learning in contact as well as through distance mode. For making teaching learning process more effective and efficient, it has become necessary for any teacher to use the available technology in day-to-day teaching learning activities. Developing abilities of a teacher in preparing computer based instructional resources using multimedia elements such as text, visuals, photographs, video clips, animation and audio has become the need of the day. This programme aims at providing skill based experiences to the trainee teachers in producing sample instructional resources/ material in respective disciplines of the teachers to enhance the classroom effectiveness. The trained teachers will be able to use the skills acquired in preparing effective instructional resources for classroom teaching learning activities.

Objectives of the Programme: After attending this programme the trainee will be able to:

  1. Appreciate importance of classroom communication in teaching learning process.
  2. Appreciate the role of instructional media and multimedia elements.
  3. Interact with various electronic resources available on internet
  4. Analyse the content of the subject using concept map for development of content based teaching learning resource.
  5. Select topic for development of content based teaching learning resource.
  6. Formulate objectives.
  7. Appreciate guidelines for development of Power Point presentation.
  8.  Acquire/ capture photographs/ visuals from different sources including digital still camera
  9. Edit photographs/ visuals using image editing software
  10. Develop simple 2D animation using Adobe Flash software
  11.  Appreciate development process of video element
  12. Develop presentation script for video recording in studio
  13. Present face to camera in studio
  14. Appreciate the video and audio editing process
  15. Present the final output
  16. Use Moodle Platform for interaction & submission of the assignments.